Fujian zhszvalve manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Fuzhou Xiayang Valve Factory) is a professional manufacturer of water supply and drainage valves designated by the Fujian Provincial Department of Mechanical Industry. Founded in 1968, it is a member of the China Valve Association and currently produces DN2400 gate valves, gas valves, city gas quick opening and closing gate valves, water sealed parallel double gate gas emergency shut-off valves, DN4000 butterfly valves, and gas special butterfly valves in Fujian Province Collective owned enterprise of large diameter valves for water sealed gas butterfly valves.

Our company has fixed assets of 68 million yuan, strong technical force, excellent equipment, advanced technology, complete mechanical processing and testing equipment, a complete quality assurance system, after-sales service, and advanced management system. The factory is located in the industrial zone of Fuxia section of National Highway 324 in Fujian Province, with developed transportation routes and an area of 36960 meters. The factory and basic building area is nearly 26000 meters, with 336 employees and 50% of professional and technical personnel, including 7 senior engineers and 35 engineers; The annual production capacity is 15000 tons of cast iron valves, and nearly a thousand tons of ductile iron and other standard valves. The main products include large-diameter gate valves, gas valves, urban gas quick opening and closing gate valves, water sealed parallel double gate gas emergency shut-off valves, fully spray plastic soft sealing gate valves, butterfly valves, gas dedicated butterfly valves, water sealed gas butterfly valves, check valves, globe valves, plug valves, Y-shaped filters, pipeline extenders, saddle valves, and more than 150 models and 2100 specifications of valves.

Enterprises adopt national standards (GB), British standards (BS), Korean standards (KS), Japanese standards (JIS), and special non-standard valves in product design and development. The enterprise has passed the standardization certification of Fujian Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision; Recommended use certification for engineering construction products in Fujian Province; National Administration for Industry and Commerce registered trademark brand certification and ISO9002 international factory quality management system certification.

We welcome business professionals from various countries and insightful individuals from domestic universities and research institutes to visit and guide us, engage in cooperation and joint venture negotiations, and engage in trade negotiations on the processing and production of standard valves or other standard valves in various fields such as water supply and drainage, electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical, light textile, food, medicine, environmental protection, urban construction, and national defense technology.