The company is a professional manufacturer of water supply and drainage valves designated by the original Fujian Provincial Department of Machinery Industry. Founded in 1986, it is a member of the China Valve Association. It is currently producing DN2400 gate valves, gas valves, city gas rapid opening and closing gate valves, water seal parallel double gates Collectively owned enterprise of plate gas emergency cut-off valve, DN4000 butterfly valve, gas special butterfly valve, water seal gas butterfly valve maximum diameter valve. 

The company welcomes business professionals from various countries, as well as insightful individuals from domestic universities and research institutes, to visit and guide us, engage in cooperation, joint venture negotiations, and negotiate the processing, production, and trade of standard valves or other standard valves in various fields such as drainage, electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical, light textile, food, medicine, environmental protection, urban construction, and national defense technology.