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Hydraulic Level Control Valve A142X
  • Hydraulic Level Control Valve A142X

  • Application: The valve controls the liquid level of the pool and water tower. A special reinforced nylon diaphragm is installed inside to divide the valve into two chambers. When the water level in the system reaches the set water level, the float pilot valve is closed first and then the main valve. Following this, the water supply is stopped. When the water level of the pool falls below the set value, the float pilot valve automatically opens, and the main valve opens accordingly to fill a large amount of water in the pool. The valve is easy to install, save installation space, simple maintenance, flexible and durable, accurate liquid level control, water level is not interfered by water pressure, reliable performance, the main valve and control valve can be separated system. When the water level in the pool or water tank drops and the float valve opens to drain, the pressure in the water inlet pipe lifts the piston in the valve, the sealing surface opens, and the valve opens the water supply. When the water level rises to the control line, the float pilot valve closes, the piston moves down to seal the sealing surface, and the valve stops supplying water.


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