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Direct-embedded Resilient Seated Gate Valve ZM Z 45X-10/16Q
  • Direct-embedded Resilient Seated Gate Valve ZM Z 45X-10/16Q

  • Application: This valve is an NBR seal gate valve which is widely applied to water supply and drainage pipe systems in electric power, hydraulic power, metallurgy, chemical industry, urban construction and other industries, and is used as an opening and closing or regulating device for controlling medium flow.
    Features: Easy installation, no need to do the gate well, reducing the amount of construction and installation of buried depth is adjustable. B, open and close easily, telescopic rod directly through the ground, simply open a lid can be manipulated to play with a special wrench. C, safety and reliability, the ground only a small portion of the box, will not affect the traffic and city, and ground segment and ground and the lower part are connected as a whole, can effectively prevent the theft phenomenon.D, to prevent ground subsidence, when the ground is sinking, telescopic rod will drop as from contraction, which would effectively prevent the impact as the sinking of the valve of the ground. E, the pressure is not transmitted to the valve, the use of telescopic moving structure, the sub will withstand all the pressure from the ground box without telescopic rod passed through the valve.
    Note:Ordering products must provide buried deep (ie pipeline centerline to the ground distance H)


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